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by Reelyka last modified 2006-02-27 17:13

Teacher’s Professional Development Supported by ePortfolio


The goal of the project is to support a teacher’s professional development by solutions of ePortfolio and to develop the competences of lecturers and teachers in educational technology through all three levels of teacher education – initial training, induction year and continuing education.


The project has three subgoals:

1. To create a unified learning environment, which originates from the solutions of ePortfolio, supporting all three levels of teacher training, in order to co-ordinately develop initial training, induction year and continuing education and  to acquire skills which meet the teacher’s qualification standard.

2. To implement ePortfolio solutions, which support teachers’ lifelong learning, for systematic self-evaluation and the development of qualifications through above-mentioned three levels.

3. To start the training of lecturers and teachers in order to shape their competences in educational tehcnology, to develop supportive teaching materials, to improve the quality of the teaching content, to work out and use e-learning materials.


ePortfolio is a rapidly developing field in educational technology, which solutions support lifelong learning, enabling learners to collect authentic materials, to integrate these, to reflect upon and present these to different target groups (learners can present their skills, knowledge, personal characteristics), to analyse, to give and get feedback, to plan one’s own professional development.


The activities of the whole project are divided between two groups: Group I – Teacher’s Professional Development group, which has three subgroups: an initial training group, induction year group and continuing education group. All these groups together create the ideology and content of the digital portfolio. Group II – Technical group, which creates the implementation, technical and software infrastructure to ePortfolio.


The project is financed by ESF (European Social Fund).


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