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by Pjotr Savitski last modified 2006-05-18 17:59

Tallinn German Gymnasium


The Tallinn German Gymnasium is the only secondary school in Estonia whose students can obtain not only a Certificate of Secondary Education of the Republic of Estonia, but – provided they have studied in the school's German Department – also the so called „Abitur”. The latter allows the school-leavers to enter German-language universities of Europe.
German-biased pupils begin to learn German in the second form of elementary school; English as the second foreign language is added in the fourth form. After completing the sixth form the pupils face a choice between proceeding to the German Department or continuing in the German-biased class. In the German Department, core subjects are taught in German by teachers invited from the Federal Republic of Germany.
The school is characterized by manifold extracurricular activities; sport is held in very high regard. In 2002 the Tallinn Education Authority awarded the school a quality prize „A School Where Learning Is Valued“ and in 2004 „A School with Good Hobby Activities“. 

Tallinn German Gymnasium

Tallinn English College

TiklogoengThe Tallinn English College was founded in September 1940 as a result of the merger of the Tallinn French Lysee and the Jacob Westholm Gymnasium. During the Soviet Union, the school was known as Tallinn Secondary School No.7. The former name of the school was restored and the Tallinn English College moved into its new building at 10 Estonia Avenue (former Commercial School) in August 1996.
The Tallinn English College is the longest standing (since 1960) English language and culture biased school in Estonia, which follows the traditions of the Anna Tõrvand –Tellmann English Private College, English State College, and Tallinn Secondary School No 7.
The Tallinn English College, located in the centre of the town, is a co-educational school. With 735 pupils (between ages 7 and 18), it is divided into three sections, which include an elementary (ages 7-12), middle (ages 12-16) and senior school (ages 16-18). There are 60 staff members, 52 of whom are full-time teachers.
For the past nine years, the acceptance rate of our graduates to universities has been the highest in Estonia (96-100%). Our graduates continue their academic career in such fine and respected educational institutions as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of Columbia, the University of Harvard, to mention only a few.

Tallinn English College

Tallinn School No. 21

K21logoengTallinn School No. 21 is a century-old school that appraises education and perpetuates its traditions and trends. The school celebrated its centenary on 2 October 2003.

It is our wish that the result of a total effect of learning and teaching would be a personality who has a will to learn, improve and analyse oneself, relate oneself with the surrounding world and cognize fundamental ethical and cultural values.

At present our school has 39 classes comprising 1329 students:

  • Primary school - 299 students
  • Lower Middle School - 320 students
  • Upper Middle School - 426 students
  • Gymnasium - 284 students.

School year 2005/2006 can be called a year of innovations for a number of reasons:

  1. The system of elective courses has been started
  2. Several subjects have been added to the timetable
  • Economics for the 10th year students
  • Eurointegration for the 11th and 12th year students (in English)
  • Estonian cultural studies, global economics and philosophy for the 12th year students.

Tallinn School No. 21

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