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Frame of the project

by Pjotr Savitski last modified 2007-03-13 21:20



The focus of the INCLUDEME project lies in the support and the synchronisation of the teacher training standards within Europe, fostered by the exchange of trainee teachers, as well as the forming of partnerships between individual teachers and schools.


Visits to political institutions and meetings with politicians increase the awareness of an EU membership and develop the foundation for cooperation between European countries.




INCLUDEME offers future teachers an appropriately timed and organised internship in a different European country for their practical experience.

On the one hand, the success of the internship is ensured by seminars before and after, commonly developed standards, experienced mentors and schools as well as the 1-to-1 principle, i.e. the assignment of pairs according to subject as well as country of choice. On the other hand, the time pattern following one-two-one principle, i.e. one week, two weeks, one week, guarantees mutual cooperation.

The close cooperation of the trainee teachers is ensured with a three week stay in a different European country during which they work together (in week 1 and 4). The mentors are then main persons of contact in regard of visiting and developing lessons of their own in week 2 and 3.

Not only will the trainee teachers gain from the education and training, but the pupils and the colleagues of the participating schools will do so as well by the direct contact with the Europeantrainees.

INCLUDEME further enables future teachers to grow with the reflection of political, cultural, and geographical issues of the various European host countries. To do this, the programme also includes meetings with local politicians, as well as excursions and visits of theatres and museums.

As the INCLUDEME programme schedules the exchange for February of each year, at that time of the year there will be multi-European groups of trainee teachers working together all across Europe.

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