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by Pjotr Savitski last modified 2007-02-28 03:34


1. Time flow

December 2002 - February 2003: Formation of the the partnership with project persons in charge of participating institutes and universities in particular countries

February 2003: Goals, flowcharting and cost input

End of February 2003: Application

October 2003: Letter of Agreement by the EU Commission of Education and Culture

End of October 2003: Contract conclusion by EU Commission of Education and Culture and IQSH: Finanzhilfevereinbarung-Nr.: 112430-CP-1-2003-1-DE-Comenius-C21

November/December 2003: Partner contracts, subcontracts

Till October 2003: INCLUDEME work flow based on the working plan

End of 2004: Interim Report

May 2005: Second tranche of funding - 40%

End of September 2006: End of funding of the Comenius 2.1 project INCLUDEME by the EU Commission of Education and Culture

October 2006: Plannig the INCLUDEME programme 2007 including the new partners Charles University Prague /CZ and CVU Centre for Higher Education South Jutland/ DK

Mid of January 2007: Final Report

January / February 2007: Continuation of the INCLUDEME programme (4th exchange)


2. Description of the INCLUDEME history      


The project started with a meeting in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein/Germany, in October 2003. All participating institutions were represented by selected contact persons. This meeting was designed to inform all partners about the agreements that were made and to prepare the first trainee exchange.



In the Rendsburg meeting we agreed to meet every six months, each in another participating country, and additionally to use Internet for meetings. We used these meetings to:

• prepare the next student exchange

• evaluate the experiences of the last exchange

• work on the products as mentioned in the goals

Besides Rendsburg, we also met in Vilnius/Lithuania, Madrid/Spain, Sittard/The Netherlands, Kortrijk/Belgium, Tallinn/Estonia and finally in Kiel/Germany.



The exchanges took place in January/February and February/March 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively following the 1-to-1 principle, although it was not always possible to adhere to it. The numbers of participating teacher trainees varied per country and per exchange. During the stays in The Netherlands and Belgium, we went on a day trip to Brussels to meet with some members of the European Commission of Education and Culture. An additional meeting was held in Brussels, incorporating EU-members, concerning the project development and its perspectives.



Prof. Dr. Elke Wild, Bielefeld University/Germany, developed questionnaires for each of the three involved parties: institutions, teacher trainees and mentors. Each year one of the participating groups was asked to fill them out. During the second exchange Prof. Wild surveyed trainees of the group visiting Tallinn/Estonia. The results of this evaluation can be found on our website.

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