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Detailed aims

by Pjotr Savitski last modified 2007-03-14 16:46

To reach the overall goals, these specific goals will serve as stepping stones:

  • development of common curricula for the host and guest country, both for the mentors and the trainee teachers, with regard to language, culture and the education system in the respective country
  • information on the teacher training programmes in the participating countries should be compiled and made comparable
  • sharing experiences gained by teaching using different methods within the group of trainee teachers
  • setting up a network of host schools within each country
  • team building of trainee teachers of the same subject to intensify cooperation
  • improvement of the quality of teaching and the cooperation between the mentor and trainee teacher through regular reviews of the lessons observed and taught
  • making available the experiences gained by the mentors regarding the trainee teachers
  • promoting the integration of trainee teachers by accommodating them in families in the host countries
  • exchange of experience within the areas of basic and further education, when the trainee teachers of the various European countries share accommodation



  • Pairing up two trainees teaching the same subject
  • Supervising by INCLUDEME supported mentors
  • Developing guiding materials used during internship
  • Focussing educational systems in Europe
  • Incorporating aspects of European politics and culture to strengthen European citizenship e.g. as a part of practical training
  • Improving language skills
  • Pairing schools, mentors and pupils

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